This Officer Noticed Something and Stopped the Traffic. But What Made Him Do That, Is SO PRECIOUS!!!

The Eau Claire Police Department, Wisconsin, sure has some caring and compassionate officers that are committed to providing excellent service to the community in pursuit of the highest quality of life for all the members of the community. Their duty is to protect and serve, and to them the color, age or even kind of members of community doesn’t matter. While driving through the town, the officer in this video noticed something on the sidewalk. He did not hesitate to stop the traffic. What did he do that for is so precious. I am great that we still have such compassionate people around. It also gives us a piece of mind, seeing the forces being concerned even about small things like this. Enjoy and share this great deed.

What a great example for all of us: to pay attention even to smallest things and always be compassionate and helpful. Let’s start doing more good things for others, don’t forget that the more you give, the more you will receive. Fauna mortality as result of roadkill is very significant. In the USA deer, migrating elk, black bears, cougars, coyotes, and foxes show increasing losses. Roadkill is estimated to be responsible for 50% of deaths of Florida panthers, and is the largest factor for European badger deaths in England. It is detrimental for species with small populations, like wolf, koala and eastern quoll. In Tasmania, Australia the most common indangered species affected by roadkill are brush-tail possums and Tasmanian pademelons. There are three potential ways to change drivers behavior: changing drivers attitude by increasing public awareness and helping people understand that preventing roadkill will benefit their community, the second potential way is to make people aware of specific hazardous areas by use of signage, rumble strips or lighting, the third potential way is to slow traffic physically or psychologically, using chicanes or speed bumps.


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