This bird apparently thinks he is a puppy. I would never believe if I haven’t seen it with my eyes. Adorable!!!

Australian wildlife is mesmerizing, but when it comes to your backyard that’s when the fun begins. Whiskey, the dog, has a very good and quite unusual friend- a Magpie Sqwark. Apparently, Whiskey’s family has been feeding the bird, so it became a regular visitor and developed a very warm relationship with the dog. Now they play like brothers and neglect the differences between them. I have never seen a bird acting this way, it probably thinks he is a puppy. These two can teach us a lesson or two. Even if different species that have nothing in common get along so well, we as humans should try to do the same. Enjoy this adorable friendship and don’t forget to share the video with your friends.

Australian Magpies are truly intriguing birds. The bird was named for its similarity in coloration to the European Magpie; it was a common practice for early settlers to name plants and animals after European counterparts. However, these two birds are from different families. Unlike other birds Magpies walk fairly upright and do not hop or waddle like most birds. They are also highly intelligent. Magpie is the most accomplished Australian songbird. The bird can take up to four octaves, and can mimic over 35 species of native and introduced bird species, as well as dogs and horses. Magpies have even been noted to mimic human speech when living in close to them. As we can see from the video these birds can mimic the behavior as well as the sound. Magpies are very territorial and will fight with other Magpies to keep them away. However they will share their space with other species without a problem. If you decide to feed birds, never put out so much that they become dependent upon you and lose their natural ability to gather their own food. Always be cautious with wildlife, you can harm it while trying to help.


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