They hear their favorite song playing. They exchange glances and START JAMMING TOGETHER!!!

Please, meet the two best friends from Brazil, Pinga, the French Bulldog, and her owner. After a long day there is nothing better than to home and relax on the couch. It is even better when somebody is anxiously waiting for you to get home. These two buddies got caught on camera, grooving to the song “Whatever You Like,” by rapper T.I. The guy turns on the music, looks and the dog, and they just start jamming. This video is absolutely adorable, and there is no way you will be able to watch it without smiling. Please enjoy, and don’t forget to share with your friends. We would greatly appreciate, if you invited your friends to LIKE our page.

French Bulldogs are definitely companion dogs. Nothing brings them more joy than relaxing on the couch with their owner. This breed is a miniaturized version of English bulldog. French bulldog is a quite international breed. It has English roots, became popular in France, but was more specifically developed in the US. French upper class had French Bulldog not only as a pet, but also as a fashion statement. A lot of royal families owned French bulldogs: King Edward VII, Toulouse-Lautrec, the family of Tsar Nicholas Romanov and Empress Aleksandra. The peak of French Bulldog popularity was in 1913, when 100 dogs of this breed participated in the famous Westminster Kennel Club Show. A French Bulldog was a passenger on the Titanic. The dog was insured for $750! This was an enormous amount of money in 1912. This breed is very social, playful, doesn’t bark much. These dogs can be stubborn during training, but if you turn training into fun, using positive reinforcement, success is guaranteed. But be careful taking this breed swimming. The top part of French bulldog’s body is heavier, the dog can drown easily.


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