This Road is Way More Exciting Than Any Roller Coaster! Just Watching the Video Will Make Your Stomach Drop!!!

Please, remain seated and fasten your seatbelts, we are taking you on a wild ride. The breathtaking Atlantic Road is located in the mid-west part of the Norwegian coastline. It is a part of Norwegian national road 64 (Rv 64) with a length of 8274 meters (5,1 miles). This road combines phenomenal views, curvy bridges that connect little islands, road dips and arches over the brutal waves of the Norwegian Sea. The road’s roller coaster-feel is a very popular tourist attraction in Norway. Just watching this video makes your stomach drop. Atlantic Road was designated a Cultural Heritage Site, is considered a National Tourist Route, and has been recognized as the Norwegian Construction of the Century. Enjoy the ride, and don’t forget to share the video.

The construction of the Atlantic Road, also known as Atlanterhavsveien in Norwegian, started on August 1983 and took six years. It was opened on 7 July 1989. The road survived 12 European windstorms during construction.The weather in that region is harsh and highly unpredictable. It easily goes from warm and sunny to moderate to heavy snow fall. Sudden drops in temperature, even in summer, can trigger winter-like conditions. The road includes 8 bridges of a total length of 891 metres. It links the towns of Kristiansund and Molde (famous for its annual jazz festival in July), the two main population centers in the county of Møre og Romsdal. The Atlantic Road starts approximately 30 kilometers south-west of Kristiansund and ends 47 kilometers north of Molde. In calmer weather tourists might spot whales and seals from four viewpoints, which are also perfect for taking pictures of the scenic astonishing views. This road has been named one of the most spectacular roads in the world by the users.


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