Everyone Was Laughing When This Guy Spoke But When He Started Singing They Were Left Astonished!!!

You should never judge the book by its cover. Kevin Skinner is the living proof that looks can be deceiving. When he got on stage of the America’s Got Talent Show, no one expected much from this unemployed redneck that used to be a chicken catcher. Everyone, including the judges was laughing at Kevin’s introduction and answers. But this guy is way more than his looks suggest. As soon as he started singing, the audience got quiet in astonishment. Kevin performed the song by Garth Brooks “If Tomorrow Never Comes.” He won the hearts of viewers and became the winner of the season. Even he couldn’t believe that. Please, enjoy his beautiful performance, and share the video with your friends, kevin’s story deserves to be known.

Today, at the age of 40, Kevin still performs. He learned to play the guitar and sing from his father, who is a fan of Hank Williams. Kevin was a big deal in 2009 after winning the fourth season of America’s got talent. Kevin’s hometown threw him a huge send-off celebration. He was invited to headline the show in Las Vegas, which unfortunately didn’t last long, and appeared on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. In 2010 Kevin released his debut CD “Long Ride,” containing 10 original songs. His $1 million prize was put into an annuity, so it will be paid out over 40 years. Kevin is married and has two kids. He has a big heart and loves helping others. He didn’t achieve the phenominal success after winning the show, but his journey made his life better and got him a lot of fans, who support him till this day. Now Kevin can do what he loves to do, no more chicken catching for him.



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