This dog walks 4 miles every day to get this BAG. What’s inside BRINGS TEARS OF JOY!!!

This beautiful story is about an altruistic dog with the biggest heart. Her name is Lilica and she lives on a junkyard in San Carlos, Brasil. She was abandoned in front of the junkyard and it became her new home. Here Lilica met Mrs. Neire, the owner, and her new friends. Three years ago the dog had 8 puppies, but there was not enough food around to feed all of them. That’s when she decided to hit the road. Lilica didn’t stop after her puppies were adopted. Every single night, this dog does something that will leave you speechless. Her example could change the whole World if each of us had the same spirit and followed it. Enjoy this heart-warming story and don’t forget to share it.

This incredible story is also about the wonderful people Lilica met during her life journey: Mrs. Neire and the teacher. These women with their commitment and compassion are amazing. They don’t have much but they are willing to have the little they have. We are glad to share this beautiful story with every one, all of us have a lesson to learn from it. Brazil has a very high poverty rate. The poorest Brazilians, which make 34% of population, recieve less that 1,2% of nation’s income. The poor segment of makes a third of population and the extremely poor make 13%. Poverty is most visibly represented in metropolitan areas and upcountry regions, where living conditions are way below average. Fast urbanization and population growth develop a lot of problems. Growing cities cannot keep up with these factors, that’s why a lot of people are forced to build temporary homes with no proper utilities and conditions. These settlements are called favelas. Brazil’s housing deficit is over 7 million units.


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