This elephant has been abused for 50 years. His reaction to freedom is HEART-STOPPING!!!

In the Uttar Pradesh area of India an elephant, named Raju was found standing in spiked shackles and living on hand-outs from passing tourists, tied up by his owner. He’s been a slave for 50 years, beaten and abused constantly. His cruel handler even tore out the hair from his tail to sell as good luck charms. In July 2013 Raju was in a pathetic condition. He had no shelter at night, and was being used as a prop to beg 24/7. He hasn’t been fed properly, so he began to eat plastic and paper. North London-based charity Wildlife SOS stepped in to save Raju after learning of his plight in India. Their daring rescue operation and elephant’s reaction will make your heart stop. Share to make a difference.

This tearful story made the world gasp. Hard to believe how cruel people can be. I have never seen an elephant being so thin. It is believed that Raju has been captured and sold when he was j`ust a calf. The poachers either slaughter the mother, or they drive the herd into traps that are small enough only for the babies to fall into. The mother cries for her baby for days after he’s been stolen, it is a sickening trade. Elephants are very intelligent animals, proven to have feelings like grief and joy, so it is simply heart-breaking trying to imagine what it’s been like to live the was Raju did for half a century. People have to know and end the cruelty. Let’s stop being indifferent. If those tourists spoke up earlier, Raju could’ve been set free many years ago. In different cultures elephant is a symbol of Reliability, Dignity, Power, Royalty, Pride, Happiness, Longevity, Good luck, so why not treat this animal with respect?


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