Dogs and an Amazing Cat Dancing to Pharrell’s “Happy”. The Awesomeness of This Video is Beyond Words.

Robert, who shot the video, is a dog trainer, who doesn’t have a dog, he has a cat Didga, also known as ‘Worlds BEST Skateboarding Cat’, which he adopted from the shelter. Didga grew up surrounded by dogs, so she developed a “dog like” behavior: she does tricks, enjoys swimming in the water. After dogs graduate Robert’s “off leash” program, he takes them out to have fun and enjoy themselves. This video was inspired by Pharrell’s song “Happy”, which suits perfectly to dogs’ mood and way of living. We have a lesson to learn from our furry friends: enjoy what we have and be pleased even by the smallest and simplest. Happiness is not in material things, it is a state of mind. Get your portion of positivity and don’t forget to share.

Didn’t you get recharged by this awesome video?! Do you feel the energy and happiness running through your veins? :) I sure do. Most cats don’t like being in water, but when Didga was young she didn’t react negatively to water, so Robert decided to take on the huge challenge of conditioning her even further, through a positive method of ‘desensitising’ her to like water. It took him months and months of patience and dedication to achieve what you see in the video. While training your cat, do not spray it with water bottle, some cats may develop a bad associations with water, while others may like it and take it as a game. Didga joins Robert everywhere, she loves riding in the car, sticking her head out the window as they drive down the road. This cat enjoys playing with dogs and they have no problem being in her company.


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