This Dog is On The Mission. His Job At the Airport Makes People Happy Every Day!!!

KLM Dutch Airlines went a little further trying to help and satisfy their customers. Who doesn’t hate loosing or forgetting things in the lounge area or on the plane? It takes forever to get those belongings back, and it’s a big luck if you do get them back. This new member of the Lost & Found team at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is called Sherlock. This cute beagle does an incredible job everyday, reuniting legitimate owners with their lost things. Watching him do his job is a pleasure indeed. This dog receives a special training for strength, endurance and social skills every day. Enjoy watching this adorable duty dog, and share the video with your friends. Let’s spread the word about this cutie, we believe all airports need this service.

Beagles originated in England several hundred years ago. It was bred by crossing of several breeds of hounds. The beagle was used by upper class British for hunting parities. British royalty had these dogs as beloved companions. Beagle’s high energy level, keen sense of smell and persistence make him an excellent hare hunter, but these same traits can make this breed a challenge as a family pet. Beagles were meant to follow their instincts and work independently. These dogs can be spirited and mischievous. It doesn’t mean they are untrainable. Beagle owners just need more patience. It is very important to come up with the methods that would satisfy dog’s desire to have fun. Beagles also love to stay in packs, so when they are left alone for long period of time in small apartments they may have behavior problems. These dogs are very playful and would do anything for attention and, of course, treats. The most famous Beagle of all is Snoopy from the comic strip “Peanuts.”


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