This dog is sitting and waiting for a school bus,but What happens when it approaches is SO AWESOME!!!

This is Smokey, he is a black Labrador. He is a great pal. Every day Smokey’s best friend goes to school, the dog is not very happy about it, he misses his buddy. Smokey lays on the front yard and waits for the school bus to appear. And as soon as he sees the school bus, he does something really awesome. For those concerned about his health: he is fine and it wasn’t hard for him to do. Smokey is 10 years old now and in great shape. He is still a big helper and loves to be given different tasks. Find out what does Smokey do for his best friend when he sees the school bus, and don’t forget to share this cute video with everybody else.

Such a good friend! Smokey’s owner says the dog doesn’t do this trick anymore, because the backpack gets heavier every year, but he always helps with groceries. The Lab was originally used to help fishermen with their nets, to pull in any fish that escaped. They were expected to hunt in the water and to pull boats. That’s why these dogs are great swimmers. Labs’ coat is best described as waterproof, water-resistant and water-repellent. All this prevents the dog from getting cold, while in the water, even in winter. Nowadays this breed is a very popular family dog. Labs are gentle to people and other animals, becoming an ideal additional member of the family, even if there are small children and other pets in the house. They have steady temperament, excellent detection and working ability, which are ideal for search and rescue tasks, detection and therapy work. Labradors are the most popular breed used by police and firefighters.
Labs, are easily trained, that’s why they are commonly seen being used as service dogs for the blind and disabled.


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