This dog couldn’t eat due to her medical condition. So her owner built something SPECIAL to SAVE her LIFE!!!

Meet Bella and her loving owner. Bella has a rare medical condition that is called Megaesophagus, it is found in humans, cats and dogs. Due to this condition the muscles are not able to push food from mouth to the stomach. Eventually food might enter the lungs through breathing, which can be fatal. It is difficult to detect and diagnose this condition. Bella’s owner wouldn’t give up on his dog. He created something special for Bella that helps her live without any complications. She enjoys it a lot and treats it like a game. It is so heart-warming to see such a loving and caring owner that did not give up. Please, enjoy and share this wonderful story.

We wish you, guys, many happy years to come. Now Bella can live a normal life. Her condition is frequently being mis-diagnosed. The main symptom of Megaesophagus is regurgitation of water, mucous or food. Regurgitation is throwing up without any warning; vomiting is associated with retching. The dog looses appetite, looses weight, has difficulty while swallowing. Dogs with this condition try to clear their throat frequently with a “hacking” sound. Aspiration pneumonia is a frequent complication of this condition. The Bailey Chair was first designed by Donna and Joe Koch for their dog Bailey. The dog lived 13 years after being diagnosed with Megaesophagus. Donna released a DVD teaching how to build a Bailey Chair. Another couple that lives in California, Susan Sanchez and her husband build these chairs. They have already built 452 chairs with many of those being donated. Susan’s husband works full time and makes the chairs after work during the week and on weekends. They just finished a chair that will soon be on it’s way to Italy.


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