This Dog Was Tired And Needed To Sleep. When He Heard The Kitten Behind, ADORABLE Thing Happened!!!

Some people think that pit bulls are angry, vicious dogs. Today we will try to disproof this myth. Please, meet Manny, the blue 95 lbs pit bull, and Petri, 10 weeks old kitten. Manny is very tired, but he just can’t fall asleep on his own, he wants something warm and fluffy next to him. That’s when he notices Petri playing on the sofa. The dog tries to stick his nose into that white fur ball, but the kitten is too busy playing. Manny doesn’t give up, and that turns into a funny game. This pit bull just might be the most patient dog, he possesses so much self-control. Enjoy this adorable video and help us spread the word about the truly kind and sweet nature of these dogs.

Although Pit Bulls do not deserve the reputation they have gained they are not suitable for everyone. These dogs can be difficult to handle due to their intelligence, energy and power. As a breed, they are not savage, attack dogs, quite the opposite, they are very gentle, sweet companions, that are eager to please their owner. These dogs are easily trainable and respond well to commands. Their desire to please, paired with their strength, make them a great candidate for use as guard, attack dogs and in fighting rings. Pit Bulls are stronger than many other breeds. Their body composition is comparable to a bodybuilder. In most cases Pit Bulls are vicious and dangerous because they were trained to be. Fighting rings trainers starve, beat and harass these dogs in order to make them aggressive. A dog does not understand that it may only attack other dogs. The saying ‘Guns do not kill people, people kill people’ can be applied to these animals, Pit Bulls are used as a weapon. Responsibility and education are key in destroying the undue prejudice and stereotypes associated with this wonderful breed. It is all about the training and conditions the animal lives in.


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