The deer wouldn’t leave this yard. What happened is so heartwarming.

This story is so heartwarming, you are going to love it! On the morning in Brush Prairie WA, a family notices a deer running around their backyard, looking for something in the rocks. The deer would simply not leave their yard. The family couldn’t see anything there, until they moved some of the rocks and smaller boulders, the deer was concentrating on. They were shocked to see what was there. That’s when they called the Clark County Fire District 3 to help them move the large rocks. Once again compassion saved the day. Find out what was all the commotion about and become a witness to the most incredible and touching happy ending. Enjoy and share this video with your loved ones, it is worth watching.

I am so happy and thankful for these heroes among us. It is wonderful that they didn’t neglect the problem that doe had. It is also amazing to see an animal being such a loving and caring parent. The doe probably spent all night running around the place of the accident. She was so worried! We all love animals and try to help them, but sometimes our help is not necessary, it also can be harmful. In the spring and summer we see a lot of baby birds, fawns and bunnies, that appear to be abandoned, but they are not. A doe can hide the fawn in the bushes or behind a log, where it can blend in. Leave it and do not touch it, because the mother will attack, if she is nearby and feels her baby is being threatened. Also your odor may discourage the parent from accepting the baby back, especially if it has been kept from the parent or nest too long. And don’t forget that wild animals can carry different bacteria and diseases.


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