This deer approached the fence with a pit bull behind it. What happened next is SO UNEXPECTED!!!

Please, meet Zeke, the recently rescued pit bull, and his new friend, the deer. Zeke has a big fenced backyard and he loves to watch the wildlife in the backyard. One day a doe approached the fence, luckily, Zeke’s owner had the phone in her hands and captured the incredible moment of two friends bonding through a very active game. Zeke’s family says that he is a love bug and a couch potato and this was the most they had ever seen him move. It is so funny to see that the one who starts the game is the deer, but next time, the dog starts it. Enjoy and share this unforgettable moment of two unlikely friends with absolutely different backgrounds, nothing in common, but willing to have fun together.

I think these two are playing two games: a chasing one and hide-and-seek, what do you think? If you are wondering what would have happened if there was no fence, we can assure you that no animals would be harmed. A lot of people believe that pit bulls are aggressive, but it is all about the way you train the dog. As you can see, Zeke wasn’t charging the fence with the deer behind it, he was just running and playing. That morning a different doe ran with him. Now Zeke thinks they all want to play. His friend also came back a couple of times in the following days but they didn’t do as many laps. Zeke’s owner says it was the only deer thy had ever seen play with him. Pit Bull Terriers are high energy dogs with a need for attention. Exercise accomplishes both. The more exercise they get, the more settled they can be the rest of the day. The best exercise for them is hand-walking, it also helps you bond with the dog. Being very competitive, this breed also enjoys tracking over obstacles and pulling, for example, sleds in the winter.


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