This dancer will AMAZE you and his smooth moves is INCREDIBLE!!!

Oh my, this guy is incredible! I can’t stop watching this video. This talented dancer calls himself JustSomeMotion. When the music starts this skinny guy turns into some incredible liquid dancing substance. It seems like there are no bones in his body, and his feet are so fast and smooth, they just look unreal. You have to see it to believe it. The craziest thing about him is that he is improvising. I tried to repeat these amazing moves, being a dancer myself, and ended up blindly tripping over the dog and an unseen chair. This guy makes it look so smooth and easy that you believe you can repeat it in a heartbeat, but it is not easy at all. Prepare to be amazed and don’t forget to share this awesome video.

How about those moves? Electro dance (otherwise known as Tecktonik and Milky Way), the style this guy performs, is a frenetic and quirky form of street dance which is typically performed to electro house music. It is based on a blend of different dance styles, such as industrial dance, moroccan chaabi, disco, vogue, waacking, hip-hop and freehand glowsticking. It started in the 2000s and originated from the southern suburbs of Paris, France, mainly from the Metropolis nightclubs and has grown around the world. Electro dance is predominantly about arm movement, such as the concept of Freehand, the Figure 8 and the idea of the Leading Hand (one hand geometrically following the other), while staying very much in a disco taste, by amplifying points and poses as a main aspect to this style. Down below electro dancers tend to use their hips, knees and feet to gently shuffle across the floor in beat to the music, quite often in a random way.


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