Dad starts talking to his 3-months-old. The next thing you notice: you can’t stop LAUGHING!!!

I don’t know who is more adorable in this video: the baby, or the dad. He picked up the 3-months old and simply started talking to him. The next thing you notice is this infectious vibe, coming from your screen that makes you laugh so hard, the tears start running down your legs. Thank you guys for sharing with us, you, definitely, made our day. To see such a strong bond between the two is so great. I bet the dad feels like a million bucks because he was the reason of what happened. This family will never forget this precious moment and we will never forget it as well. Enjoy this hilariousness, and let’s spread this infectious positive vibe by sharing the video.

How awesome are these two?! We wish them many more laughs like these in their life. There is no specific age for babies to start laughing. Every baby develops their personalities at different ages, some sooner than others. Some babies start smiling minutes after being born. Sometimes, babies can laugh at the oddest of things, such as a sneeze or a cough. The sound that you make can really send a baby into a laughing spell. Game of peek-a-boo, blowing raspberries on your baby’s tummy – are some of the easiest ways to trigger a good laugh. Babies see life in a different light than adults. They have no worries other than feeling hungry and wanting to be changed when needed. Their laughter comes more frequently than it would in an adult, so the simplest of things can get them going. I wish we could save this ability and carry it through life.


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