This Contestant Was Suspected of Lip-Synching, Until the Judges Asked Her To Sing A Capella!

Aida Nikolaychuk from Odessa, the contestant at X-factor Ukraine decided to perform a beautiful song by Polina Gagarina ‘Lullaby’. Seconds after she had started, the judges began to look puzzled. Aida’s performance was so clean and the voice sounded so perfect, she was suspected of lip-synching. The judges asked to stop the music, they were sure Aida’s voice had been adjusted by some effects. She really got them riled up. One of the judges thought it was a joke. To clarify the situation contestant was asked to perform the same song A Capella. And that’s when everyone in the studio got blown away. It is quite entertaining to watch the judges’ reaction afterwards. Enjoy this video, and share it with your friends, it is worth watching.

What a talent! Aida Nikolaychuk started singing at school, when she was in a first grade she became a choir soloist. In 2011, Aida participated in the casting show for the second season of the Ukrainian television. She quit her job as a cashier to pursue her dream. After an unfortunate performance she decided to leave the show. However the video of her performance at the casting had gone viral on YouTube, and Aida became the winner of the X-Factor Online second season. This gave her the opportunity to move on to the training section of the show for the third season, bypassing the audition and pre-screening stages. On January 5th 2013, at the Gala concert, Nikolaychuk was announced the winner of the third season of X-Factor Ukraine. Aida signed a contract with Sony Music Entertainment, she performs all over the Europe, also works as a model and a fashion designer. By results of national rating «Favorites of Success – 2013» Aida has been recognized as the “Female singer of the Year” due to the amazing support of her fans.


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