If You Grew Up During The 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s, CONGRATULATIONS, You Made It To This Point!!!

We all cherish the memories of our childhood. Those that were born before 2000s should appreciate this. Oh, those good old “unsafe” days. When we could spend all day long, from sunrise to sunset, playing outside with friends, fighting, climbing the trees, scraping our knees. When our moms could leave us standing in a line in a store without worries. When spanking wasn’t considered an abuse. So many virtues made us strong, wise respectful of others, taught us a lesson or two. Congratulations, we made it through some tough times to these days! Let this video be a reminder of those good days. Please, don’t take this literally, just dive into your pleasant memories. Enjoy, and remind your friends about their childhood by sharing this video with them.

Let’s not be critical about this video, of course, all the safety rules and enforcement of those are only for our kids sake. But all the obstacles that we’ve been through, made us only stronger, not much can intimidate us these days. Remember the taste of the ice cream from your childhood, wasn’t it the best? And what about the toys. The most favorite ones were those that we built or made with parents or friends. And if we found a good stick, we could have been playing with it all day, coming up with dozens of games to use it in. Our imagination was limitless. I remember not having much and not having a lot of choices, but appreciating everything. Our society worships talent, and many people assume that possessing superior intelligence or ability, along with confidence in that ability,-is a recipe for success. In fact, however, more than 30 years of scientific investigation suggests that an overemphasis on intellect or talent leaves people vulnerable to failure, fearful of challenges. A talent without hard work is only a hobby. Let’s challenge our kids to succeed in life, take them camping without any gadgets, fishing without all that fancy gear, let’s have days with no TV, i-Pad, X-box.



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