When Technology Meets Classic Dancing, Something AMAZING Happens. This Performance Is BREATHTAKING!!!

Combining elements of dance, performance art, music, technology, light, music and more, the versatile Japanese troupe ‘Enra’ is an entertainment unit which presents the ultimate fusion of images and live performance. Director Nobuyuki Hanabusa mesmerizes us with another fantastic piece of work called “Pleiades”. The beautiful combination of hi-tech and classic dancing is astonishing and, surprisingly, looks very organic. This magical routine is performed and choreographed by Saya Watatani and Maki Yokoyama, and the animation was done by Seiya Ishii. What makes this performance so strong and readable is the simplicity of lines and pleasant minimalism. ‘Enra’ travels around the World, entertaining with their one-of-a-kind performances, collecting inspiration for new ideas. Please, enjoy this beautiful video and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

This performance was breathtaking. Progress never stops. It breaks into our life and every aspect of it. This video shows that the progress doesn’t stay away from classical performing arts as well. Japan is one of the leading nations in the fields of scientific research, technology, machinery, and medical research with the world’s third largest budget for research and development at $130 billion, and over 677,731 researchers. Japan has received the most science Nobel prizes in Asia. ‘Enra’ is a project that collaborates with specialists with backgrounds of genres such as Kung-fu, acrobatics, ballet, juggling, rhythmic gymnastics and animation dance. Their imagination is limitless and inspires a lot of new incredible performances. They wanted to challenge different ways of expression and create more complex work with a different outlook on the world. Having to meet great performers capable of creating a new type of entertainment leaded to their determination. There is a lot of potential for the combination of images and performance. Enra’s fusion opens doors for reaching a lot of absolutely different fans. People see the incredible futuristic interpretation of classic genres, which doesn’t leave anybody indifferent.



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