This cat is asking for something very cute. When you find out what does she want, it Will Melt Your Heart!!!

Cats’ cuteness strikes again. Please, meet Franzie, a very smart and polite cat. She can do a lot of tricks, but she wasn’t taught to do them. This cat trains her owners so they could understand her and do what she asks them to do. She already taught the male to play fetch, and he is not bad at it. In this video Franzie asks for something incredibly cute, but it is the way she asks for it that melted my heart. Cats are already kings of social media and internet, but today they took one step closer to taking over the World and turning humans into their slaves, but we don’t mind. Enjoy this adorable video and don’t forget to share it with everyone.

Isn’t this the cutest way to ask for some hugs?! Some people find it very hard to train cats because of their capricious and self-centered behavior. Cats barely do anything just to satisfy their owners, especially if there isn’t anything in it for them or they just don’t feel like doing it. It is your responsibility to understand how does your cat communicate and read the signals that she sends to you. This will help you come up with the idea of what bothers the animal, or what should you use as a reward. You really can’t punish cats for what they have done, because they would not associate punishment with their bad behavior, but you can train them not to behave badly. If it scratches the furniture, take the cat to the scratching pole and place its paws there, you can also scratch it with your own nails, the animal will get curious of the sound. Remember to speak in a cool and calm voice. When things go wrong, be patient, don’t let your cat know that you are anxious. Don’t overdo the training, when cats get annoyed they don’t learn anything. And don’t try to punish them by making any loud or startling noise. Sometimes this technique works very well, while in others it confuses and even scares the animal, and this leads to insecurity. Also make sure that your cat sleeps in a quiet and comfy place, sometimes a noisy place can cause stress, which leads to bad behavior.


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