This cat developed a skill that freaks out his owner. Even the bucket with water can’t stop HIM :)

Please, meet Mulder, the cat, who watched too much “Mission Impossible”. For him there is no such thing as impossible. He developed a skill that freaks out his owner, especially at night. The guy tried to stop this craziness by putting a bucket of water before the door. Do you think that stopped the cat? We should call him Mulder, the Unstoppable. Every day we get more proof that cats are getting smarter and develop new skills. Maybe they are preparing to take over the world? I’ve never seen a cat do, what Mulder does. Well, I’ve never had a cat, though. I hope, you enjoy this video, try to put the “Mission Impossible” theme song while watching. Please, don’t forget to press the SHARE button!

Do cats really hate water? No, they don’t. Wild cats enjoy bathing, especially during hot season. Some wild cats also hunt in the water. But because of domestication, cats lost the need to adapt and deal with water. If you teach your kitten to take a bath and enjoy it, it is more likely that it will get used to it and will not have any problems with water later in life. A lot of people use water as a disciplinary tool. You can’t expect a cat to enjoy bathing, if you do that. The animal will always have bad associations with water. To start introducing your cat to bath time, put it into an empty sink. Cats get hypnotized by a dripping faucet, by the way. Start with a wet washcloth, then try pouring some warm water on cat’s coat, using a pitcher. Be sure to rinse shampoo more than once, to prevent irritation from shampoo residue. Dry the animal with a fluffy towel, praising his brave behavior.


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