Cat is Educating Kitten About Dogs, He Has A Lot to Say. Can’t Watch This Without Smiling!!!

This Cat is the head of the household. He believes it is his duty to explain everything to the Kitten and educate him on the new surroundings. This explanation comes in a form of video-letters, titled “Dear Kitten…” These two cats have a bunch of videos, each video is more adorable and funny than the previous one. This time their family got a new addition- a St. Bernard puppy, and Cat has a lot to say about this little beast. If this video doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Please, don’t forget to share the video with your loved ones, especially those that love cats. Thank’s for watching.

Those ninja moves cracked me up. These two are cute enough, but now they have a puppy! Cuteness overloaded! Videos like this will make the phrase “fight like cats and dogs” irrelevant. And if these two opposite species can get along, we, the humans, the smartest species, have a lesson to learn from them. If you decide to get a St. Bernard puppy after watching this video, be prepared. This breed can grow to be up to 34” and weight up to 200 pounds. St. Bernard has a long history of being great rescue dogs. This breed is known to exist since A.D. 1050, when Archdeacon Bernard de Menthon founded the famed Hospice in the Swiss Alps. It was built for the travelers crossing through Switzerland and Italy. St. Bernard dogs, or better known as Valley Dogs or Farm Dogs those days, were brought to the Hospice by monks to work as as watchdogs and companions. But these dogs were remembered and made history by being excellent pathfinders in the drifting snow, and saving people trapped after snow storms. St. Bernard dogs have been used in the Hospice for three centuries and saved around 2,000 human lives.


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