Brittany Was Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer, but She Will be The One to Decide When Does Her Life End.

Right after she got married, Brittany Maynard started having terrible headaches. At the age of 29 Brittany was diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiforme, brain cancer. The average glioblastoma life expectancy is less than a year, with only 2% of people living for three years after diagnosis. Brittany was given only 6 weeks. Treatment only helps prolong life for a little longer, it is a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Brittany refused to go through all that. She decided to travel the world and enjoy the last moments with her loved ones. Brittany will not let cancer choose the date of her last breath, she will do that. It will be peaceful and painless in her own bed. Please, share Brittany’s story to support Death with Dignity Act.

Death with Dignity Act legalizes physician-assisted dying with certain restrictions. The measure was first approved in Oregon in 1994 by people’s votes. In November 4, 2008 the Act was approved in the state of Washington. Other places that let terminally ill patients end their life are the states of Montana and Vermont, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland. In June 2014, doctor-assisted suicide became legal in the province of Quebec. Physician-assisted suicide or PAS is different from euthanasia. With PAS the patient takes the medicine on his own. There is controversy all over the world over the moral, ethical, religious and legal issues of euthanasia and PAS. In most countries those are illegal and punishable. We cannot know what kind of pain and suffering someone goes through. So why not let the person that is in constant pain and is facing death, go to a better place peacefully on his own terms? Time is the most precious thing. And the quality of the time spent determines happiness and relief. Why waste that precious thing on expensive, exhausting treatment that’s not going to help, when you can enjoy your last days to the fullest?


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