A blind man is begging on the street but is neglected. What the woman did for him changed everything.

This video is called “The power of words”. It shows that the right words go a long way and can help you benefit from the usage of them. We all know that words have a great power. There’s a saying that says it best: “Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs”. The video was created by Andrea Gardner to promote her international communications agency “Purple feather”. It won an award from the North Atlantic Film Council of America and was shortlisted for the inaugural Lovie Awards alongside contenders such as U2 and The Huffington Post. “The power of words” had a great impact all around the world. Enjoy this smart and surprising video and always remember that every word counts. Don’t forget to press “SHARE”.

Such a smart video. It didn’t become popular right away. It took more than a year for it to get noticed, and then it spread all around the world. Now it is shown in schools, churches and biggest awards shows. This video became a big step forward in promotion of “Purple Feather”. Andrea Gardner is very popular now, she became a bestselling author, she has her own Home Study Programme. Andrea works with clients across the world, helping them get to the heart of their brand and connect emotionally with their customers using web content, brand development and training. Since the video went viral “Purple Feather” has trained thousands of entrepreneurs, authors, marketers and small business owners to write compelling and authentic web content. Their team has also worked with international clients including the BBC, Hilton Hotels Group, Grass Valley, British Gas and the National Health Service, helping them hone their message.



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