This Baby Starts Crawling for the Very First Time Towards the Dog. What Happens Next is Absolutely ADORABLE!!!

There is nothing cuter than babies and pets playing together, especially when they help each other. This baby girl is trying to crawl for the very first time. She found the perfect target to crawl to and she is very determined, even though she is smiling the whole way. The black Lab is playing the role of a supervisor, he is focused and patient, doesn’t even move, the look on his face says it all. As soon as the baby comes close enough, something absolutely adorable happens. Baby’s parents did not expect such a cute ending of their little girl’s practice. They were lucky to capture this heart-melting moment, and we are happy to see it. Please, enjoy and share this video with your friends and family.

Labradors are known to be great family dogs. Not many people know that this breed got nearly extinct in the early stages of development. In Newfoundland it was thought that having sheep is more profitable than breeding dogs. So large “dog tax” was imposed and not many families could afford it. These days Labradors are the most popular dogs. This breed has the highest amount of American Kennel Club registry entries for the past eighteen years. Labs love to carry and chew things, but they are so gentle that they can carry an egg in their mouth without braking it. These dogs are perfect swimmers, their paws have webbed toes, to assist in swimming and their fur has two layers, which are waterproof. Labradors are known to be great and very dedicated service dogs. Jake, the Law Enforcement dog, was helping find people in hurricane Katrina in 2005, and made a history participating in 9/11/01 rescue operation. He was altruistically detecting people that were trapped under burning debris.


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