After losing his mom, this rescued 3-months old rhino is afraid to sleep alone. His before-bed routine WON MY HEART!!!

Meet GERTJIE, an adorable baby rhino orphaned at only 3 months old when poachers killed his mom. He was rescued and adopted by the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, he is recovering there from his traumatic ordeal. With all the loving and caring staff, baby rhino regains his confidence day by day. He will be kept safe here until he is old enough to return into the wild. For now he needs all the possible help to grow big and strong. Gertjie, just like any child, is afraid of sleeping alone. His favorite staff member is Greta. She is a mother figure in rhino’s life. What happens after a big meal, when Gertjie feels tired is very cute. Let’s spread the word about poaching by sharing this video.

A rhino is not what you would consider cute and cuddly, but everybody needs love and attention. Gertjie takes two long walks daily and absolutely loves his mud baths, he spends sleep time snuggled up with a staff member and loves taking a nap of their lap. The only big problem keeping him healthy is that he needs special milk, and a lot of it. This baby drinks 12 liters a day of it, so the center accepts donations of powdered milk. It’s just so devastating to hear how heartless people can be: since 2007 rhino poaching tremendously increased. Two rhinos are poached every day. The trade of illegal rhino horn is fueled by Asia, where it is used as a medicine. At current rate of poaching, rhinos will be extinct by 2025. Thanks to wildlife preservations and adopting centers, there is still hope that our future generations will have the opportunity to see these endangered animals.


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