This baby is upset with the dog. Her valid argument Will Make Your Day!!!

What can be more adorable than cute babies and charming pets communicating?! How about a baby girl that can barely talk, who is not happy with her bulldog? We can only guess if it is the couch, her dirty diaper, his lack of diaper, the difference between her hands and his paws. Well whatever it is, she makes one heck of an argument! It’s like there is a great lawyer inside this baby, ready to get out and win the case. I actually cannot decide who is more adorable in this video: the girl or the bulldog. Dog’s reaction while he gets schooled is priceless. That’s exactly how men listen to their nagging wives. Enjoy this cuteness and don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.

I think the baby girl has Italian blood in her. Her body language reminds me of those Italian mobsters from gangster movies. Kids are pretty much like sponges. Parents greatly affect their children’s behavior. It is important that parents set the right examples. If arguing among parents is done fairly and with maturity, a child can actually benefit from seeing how conflicts are resolved. Verbal and physical fights are extremely hard on kids. Children may blame themselves and may be traumatized by that thought. Also children may develop low self-esteems and may even turn into violent bullies. Children often repeat their parents’ behavior in their future relationships. The way parents discipline the kid also greatly affects their children’s behavior. When a parent uses physical punishment, such as spanking, it does not teach the child how to change his behavior. Children can also react aggressively to this kind of punishment. When parents choose alternate forms of punishment, such as time-outs, they are helping modify the child’s bad behavior in a calm manner, which helps the kid process what he did wrong. Whatever you do, try to do it in a positive way with love and respect.


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