This Baby Elephant ran to this man ,But What happened next is so ADORABLE and very FUNNY

We all know how much babies like being picked up, carried around, cuddling, sitting on our laps. It is one thing when it comes from human babies, or small animals like cats and dogs. But how does a baby elephant ask for attention and love? This video will open this secret for you. It is absolutely adorable and funny at the same time. The music only enhances the positive emotions that appear while watching this footage. Elephants have a great memory, also they are very emotional, despite their impressive size. This man must have done something really special for the elephant, because it is not easy to earn this animal’s heart. Enjoy and don’t forget to share this with your friends and family, it will bright up their day.

What a precious moment! A newborn elephant weights about 200-300 pounds, this girl was way more than that. That’s why the man wasn’t ecstatic about the idea of her sitting on his lap. Elephants have the largest brains in the animal kingdom. More and more studies show how wise and intelligent these giants are. Elephants are even able to differentiate between genders and ages – all from the sound of a human voice. Purring is one of the way elephants communicate with each other, they purr like cats. Although, the frequency of those sounds is way below the human frequency and hence, our ear cannot hear it. These animals have a great sense of smell and an unbelievable memory, they are able to recognize people by their smell even after many decades. Elephants can be very aggressive if they feel threatened, besides that, they are very gentle and caring. They even have warm greeting ceremonies to welcome back a fellow member of the herd, if it has been away for a long time.


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