Amy has untreatable cancer. To Show The Support, Her Family Prepared the GREATEST Surprise Ever!!!..Her reaction is PRICELESS!!!

In 2012 Amy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After a surgery and 4 months of chemo her family hoped for brighter days ahead. Unfortunately, in 2013 the cancer came back. It was resistant to traditional chemotherapy, which meant that the diagnosis was terminal. Her loved ones don’t know how much time they have left together, that’s why they cherish every moment and simply enjoy being present in the moment. Amy has been a positive influence in lives of many people. To remind her how much is she loved and appreciated, to show her support, Amy’s family and friends prepared the greatest surprise she could ever get and would never forget. Let’s celebrate life together with them and spread all this positive energy by sharing this touching video.

The original intent of this wonderful flash mob was simply to remind Amy of how surrounded by love she is. Her family recorded it, so that she could re-watch it in times of struggle, and so that the 50 of friends and family members, who participated, could watch her beautiful reactions once she’s no longer there. The fact that the video has traveled the globe has been overwhelming for the family, they did not expect that. They are very grateful to be able to share the essence of Amy’s love with the world. And we are grateful to be able to watch such a beautiful moment in her life. I hope this video becomes a motivation for all the families, especially for those that struggle with diseases, going through tough times. Cherish the moments you spend with your loved ones, celebrate life while you live, you never know what is going to happen tomorrow. So let’s forget all the arguments, don’t hold a grudge, call your family and tell them how much you love them.


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