Amazing, girly friendship between a dog and an owl.

We introduce to you Louise, the owl, and Annie, the bird dog. Who said the friendship between women doesn’t exist? These two are very good friends. They work together at Tactical Avian Predators in California, which uses trained birds for different tasks. Their unusual relationship is simply adorable. Louise has very sharp claws, but she is so gentle with the dog, it’s incredible. You have to see how she brushes Annie’s hair, real ladies. I am sure, you have never seen anything like this video. Two absolutely different creatures, having such warm relationship, it amazes me. Be ready to have your heart being captured by this cuteness. Enjoy and don’t forget to share this adorable friendship with your friends and family.

Have you noticed, after the owl brushed Annie’s hair, it looks like she’s whispering something in her ear. Girls will be girls. These two were bonded because of their work. They rely on each other and that’s how they built the trust. Jim Tigan, the founder of “Tactical Avian Predators”, has 32 years of experience handling raptors and has been a licensed Master Falconer for 29 years. His extensive experience includes hawking and training different kinds of birds. Company’s licensed Falconers use ancient falconry techniques when working with and training falcons and owls to chase and haze pest birds. “Tactical Avian Predators” has done work for The Lodge at Pebble Beach, La Costa Resorts and Spa, New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc, and currently protects the grapes for Hahn Family Vineyards, and has developed and implemented a Feline trap/neuter/inoculate/release program at Exxon Mobile in Torrance, CA. This company became the greatest thing for vineyard protection. Scarecrows will have to step aside, they are being replaced.


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