This Puppy Was Saved After Being Abused. The Reunion With His Rescuer MELTED MY HEART!!!

Meet Mojo, a 3 month old Pit Bull Amstaff mix puppy, and his rescuer Joey Wagner of Baie Ste Marie Animal Society from Nova Scotia. Mojo’s story is heart-breaking. He was neglected by his owners. His condition was terrible. Joey had to have the puppy surrendered from his current living conditions. Mojo was dehydrated and was starving. He had severe Demodectic Mange, that’s why he got shaved at the vet. Joey had left Mojo at the vet and returned the next day to check on him. Puppy’s reaction will melt your heart. With the help of Parade Street Vet, PEI Small Animal Hospital and volunteers, Mojo is now on is way to a full recovery. This was made possible by the many donations that were received. Enjoy and share.

Thanks to all the caring people this puppy survived. That’s why he is so happy and thankful. There were many people that wanted to adopt Mojo however because his health was severe it was not considered. Mojo’s will to live is enormous! During the whole process Joey and his wife Leta fell in love with him. Mojo will remain with them and will strive to have a long, loving, healthy and fulfilled life. Joey and Leta with help of their local community opened Baie Ste Marie Animal Society, a non-profit organization that cares for and treats abandoned, neglected and abused animals. They also started a Hope for Mojo Fund. Currently they have received approximately $8000 in donations for the recovery and treatment of Mojo. His VET bills have already exceeded $4000. Mojo’s road to recovery unfortunately is not over yet. The remaining funds will be used for treating, assisting and helping other abused animals. You can visit their page to see updates on the shelter and the many animals that currently need homes.


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