A very heartwarming reunion of a lost dog and her owner. Can’t hold back tears

This is a story about a dog named Dora, from Frisco, Texas. One evening, during a celebration, she got scared by the fireworks and jumped over the fence. Her family has been searching for Dora for weeks. They did everything to find her and never gave up hope. Seven months later a stray dog got brought to Collin County Animals Services in Mckinney, TX. They scanned the chip found on the dog and made a wonderful discovery. This is the footage of Dora’s reunion with her owner. Prepare the tissues, it is very touching. Dog’s reaction is actually not what I expected it to be, it is better, deeper, very heartwarming. Enjoy this awesome video and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

So touching! It seems that the dog feels sorry for running away and making the owner worry about her. So much pain, intelligence and sorrow in those eyes. How gently does Dora touch her owner, how she puts her head on his lap, the whole body language expresses so much. No words needed to see how much love and appreciation this dog shows. Only 15-20% of dogs that are placed in shelters are being found by their owners, most of the time because of the implanted microchips. A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice. It consists of a tiny computer chip housed in a type of glass made to be compatible with living tissue. The process is similar to getting a shot. Once in place, the microchip can be detected with a device that uses radio waves to read the chip. Then, the dog can be traced back to the owner if found.



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