This 70 year-old Man Came Across a Street Piano. His Performance of “Say Something” Left Me Speechless! So Beautiful!!!

The Canadian artist Katriona Dean designed and painted a piano for the “Keys to our Town” art initiative. This piano, named Foxgang Amadeus, stands at the northwest corner of Victoria Park, Ontario. The ears and stool were carved by another artist, Sorab Bulsara, who made them using only a chainsaw. Right after the piano was finished, a 70 year-old Michael McNamara came across. He couldn’t resist to try the instrument. Katriona was lucky to capture this performance. He plays and sings the song by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera “Say Something”. His performance is so clean and clear, it captures your heart. What a brilliant idea to put instruments in random spots, and let the magic happen! Please enjoy and share this great video.

Classical instruments will never get old. How much joy does their sound bring! “The Keys to Our Town” Public Art Project Debuts Local Artists. Both local musicians and artists contribute to the project. In 2013 six playable unique pianos were placed throughout Cobourg. This project promotes art and provides a free avenue for individuals looking to express their musical talents in a public setting. The instruments are placed in high traffic areas throughout Cobourg, including in front of Victoria Hall, the Cobourg Marina, at the top of McGill Street (Victoria Park), Downtown Cobourg on King Street, at the boardwalk by the playgrounds and Northumberland Mall. Katriona Dean designed and painted another piano “Owl”, which is located in Victoria Park. She won a ROGER’s AT&T art scholarship early in her career, which led her to studying the art of Graphic Design at Durham College. She further polished her skills as an intern in the United Kingdom. She works as a freelance illustrator, sculptor, photographer, designer and marketing specialist. She volunteers for the board of the Arts Council of Northumberland, speaks three languages, writes poetry and has a love of all things natural and wild.


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