This 5-year-old’s Performance of “You Raise Me Up” Left Everyone Covered in Goose Bumps. INCREDIBLE TALENT!!!

Today we introduce to you the raising star from China, Celine Tam. Her dad Dr. Tam Steve had discovered her talent when she was only 3. He became her tutor, coach and director. He taught her the singing and performing techniques, helped her with songs in multiple languages. At the age of 5 Celine participated in Let’s Sing Kids contest in China, that made her famous worldwide. In this video she performs a very difficult song “Raise me up” by Celine Dion, Tam Steve’s favorite singer. It’s hard to believe the girl is so young. There’s so much emotion and strength in her voice. Prepare to be covered with goose bumps, this girl is AMAZING. Please, enjoy and share this young talent, she deserves to be heard!

The judges of the contest had admitted that Celine’s performance was very unusual for Chinese stage, it has been described as commanding unprecedented in China. Her dad did an incredible work coaching and directing the performance. Celine’s voice is so sharp and her pitch and voice control are perfect. But the way she connects with the song is incredible for a 5-year-old, it’s like she lives through the song. Today Celine is 6 and she became a YouTube internet sensation, thanks to this performance. She loves making people happy, that’s why she thinks singing is her calling. Celine is being invited to perform on different shows and events. Recently she performed at The 6th Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop. Celine’s dad Tam Steve is now one of the most highly respected contemporary vocal coaches in Hong Kong. He founded Sing and You Music Center & Pop Vocal Coach Regarded, where he coaches other kids. Since he was a kid himself, he participated in more than 30 singing competitions of various sizes in Hong Kong, the United States and Canada.


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