This 16-months-old Boy is Playing a Game With His Dad. Their Game Blew My Mind. INCREDIBLE!!!

This is Torin, in this video he is only 16 moths old. His dad takes education very serious, he believes it is never too early to start teaching the kid the language. Torin’s dad makes learning fun. He started playing with Torin using Your Baby Can Read program, when the boy was only 14 month old. In this video he shows his son’s progress. You will be amazed to see this baby understand and repeat what his dad is telling him. It is incredible that the boy knows and pronounces such long and difficult words. His dad’s patience and persistence obviously pays off. Share this video to motivate parents spend more time with their kids and make learning fun. With parents like this kids will love learning and will succeed.

Today Torin is 6 years old. He’s been showing remarkable learning abilities since he was a baby. At the age of five, he took a bunch of tests and became the first kid in the county to be skipped out of Kindergarten into First grade. His test results showed what his parents already knew, the boy was exceptionally gifted and intelligent above average. His scores were the highest (above the 99%) in “general intelligence”, problem solving, and math. His dad says the boy was kind of bored in Pre-K, there was no challenge for him, since there were no kids on his level. Torin is way better off in the first grade. A lot of people assume that Your Baby Can Read is not efficient, that kids only remember the words on the cards, and they are drilled in this way of learning. Torin, actually, proves in this video that he does understand the words. When he is holding the card with “Circle” written on it, he shows his dad the circle-shaped toy in the other hand. The company that created this program has gone out of business because of the cost of fighting legal issues with unsatisfied customers and experts. All we know is that any learning is stimulating and is a brain-enhancing experience.


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