This 15-month-old boy stands before a crowd of 500 people. What happens next is ADORABLY AWESOME!!!

In Camp Rockmont, which is located 15 miles east of Asheville, North Carolina, near the town of Black Mountain, boys have fun during summer time. One day after a get-together this 15-month-old boy stood in front of the crowd of 500 other boys. That’s when the awesome started happening. He got a taste of POWER. I think we all need a leader like this: positive, confident and absolutely adorable. Who wouldn’t follow his lead?! The cutest thing is that after his first success, the boy got so excited, he started demanding more and more. He definitely had a blast, and we are glad to watch it. Please, enjoy and share this video. It made my day, I am sure it will make yours as well.

How awesome that they let this kid feel special, every one needs to experience that, it is so empowering, especially at a young age.Camp Rockmont was found in 1956 as a Christian summer camp for boys. It has a 20-acre private lake and is surrounded by thousands of acres of National Forest wilderness. Their facility is considered one of the finest in the camping world. Boys have a cabin experience here, improve their camping skills, have fun accomplishing growth-inspiring age-appropriate challenges, and do all this in a very supportive and encouraging community. Here boys are taught about self-respect, respect towards others, appreciation for the nature and the environment, and strong life values. The campers learn that you are never too young to make a difference in this World. Camp’s ‘Catalyst’ program which, is intended for 16-year-old boys, helps them with the transition into young man’s life. They learn to react to life as it comes at them, learn some skills that are useful in life.


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